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The Basics of Psychopathology - A Gestalt Therapy Approach, Helsinki

The Basics of Psychopathology- A Gestalt Therapy Approach - Training for professional Gestalt therapists

Helsinki, Finland

June - December 2018

As Gestalt therapists, how can we approach psychopathology and diagnosis?

How does our theory open new horizons on human suffering and contemporary disturbances?

How is the understanding of clinical issues enhanced by our radical contact-boundary perspective?

In 2018, the Finnish Gestalt Association will arrange training in the basics of psychopathology in Helsinki. The workshops offer the possibility to discuss and learn about major clinical issues and to find new understanding of the suffering that characterises modern societies. This approach to psychopathology and diagnosis connects clinical practice to wider social phenomena.

The training, which consists of three weekend-long workshops over a period of eight months, will take place in Helsinki. It will be run in English by seasoned trainers from France and Italy. We welcome professional Gestalt therapists in Finland and other countries to participate in this series of interesting workshops!

The Finnish Gestalt Association is delighted about the opportunity to introduce the approach and work conducted by Gianni Francesetti and Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, both international trainers from the Istituto di Gestalt HCC, and Jean-Marie Robine, a renowned Gestalt therapist and trainer from France. The Italian training institute is today widely recognized for further developing the principles of Gestalt therapy especially in terms of the ongoing dialogue with the demands of contemporary society. Jean-Marie Robine who contributes to training programmes in a number of countries was the director of Institut Français de Gestalt-thérapie from 1980 to 2007. All trainers are actively contributing to the development of Gestalt therapy, and are authors of many articles and books.

The schedule of the psychopathology workshops


Friday 1 to 3 June 2018: 

Introduction to the training & Absence is a bridge between us. Gestalt therapy with depressive experiences. 

The introduction to the training will be given by psychiatrist and Gestalt therapist Gianni Francesetti, who will lead the first workshop. According to the WHO, depression is currently the fourth most urgent global health problem. Therapists need to find orientation as to what risks, resources, tools or therapeutic position, for example, they have to be able to consider when working with depressive experiences. Apart from theoretical frames, practical experiences will be explored and discussed from a Gestalt therapy perspective. The goal is to provide practical skills to improve the competences of psychotherapists working with this common form of suffering. 



7 to 9 September 2018:

Anxiety and Shame

The second workshop will be led by French psychologist and psychotherapist Jean-Marie Robine. In the first part of the workshop we will look at how anxiety interrupts or disturbs the gestalt sequence and allows specific disturbing modalities of contact to “enter the dance” in a specific moment. Jean-Marie Robine has researched and written extensively on shame. He is especially interested in how the therapeutic situation activates or creates shame in the client: “It is the gaze of the other which produces the shame”. In the second part of this both theoretical and experiential workshop shame will also be connected with the Gestalt therapy approach to field perspective and a Gestalt therapy theory of affects and emotions. 



6 to 8 December 2018:

Narcissistic and borderline experiences: advancements in Gestalt therapy

The third workshop will be led by psychologist and psychotherapist Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb who is the founder and current director of Istituto di Gestalt HCC. She invites us to look at relational disturbances which emerge from social change. Clinical evidence is today on depressive disturbances, or narcissistic and borderline experiences, gender identity, anxiety disturbances and body desensitization. In this seminar narcissistic and borderline experiences will be approached, and the traumatic basic experiences in these personality disorders will be described and seen in clinical examples. 



A maximum of 25 participants will be accepted for this training. Previous training in gestalt therapy and a minimum of clinical experience is required.

REGISTRATION:For further information, please contact Mia Mård ( mia.mard@me.com or tel. +358-40-0435350).Mia Mård, Pellervontie 12 A 4, 00610 HELSINKI by 31 January 2018.

It should be noted that registration implies the participation in and payment for the three workshops.

For further information, please contact Mia Mård ( mia.mard@me.com or tel. +358-40-0435350).

ACCOMMODATION: The organiser will provide information about non-expensive hotels in Helsinki on request.

PAYMENT: The cost of training is EUR 1200. The registration implies the participation and payment of all three workshops. A deposit of 300 euros is required to secure a place, to be paid by 31 January 2018.

The schedule of payments is in three parts, as follows: on registration EUR 300 by 31 January 2018; EUR 450 by 30 April 2018 and EUR 450 by 30 September 2018. To be paid on the account of the Finnish Gestalt Therapy Association FI55 2142 1800 0217 12.


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The Power of Relational Approach in Professional Work – Basics of Gestalt Therapy, Helsinki

Pitkään odotettu hahmopsykoterapian menetelmäkurssi toteutetaan nyt ensimmäistä kertaa Suomessa! Koulutus on suunnattu mm. eri viitekehysten psykoterapeuteille ja muille asiakastyötä tekeville sosiaali- ja terveydenhoitoalan ammattilaisille, työnohjaajille, coacheille jne.

Hahmo- eli gestalt-terapia on suhdekeskeinen, kokonaisvaltainen ja kokemukseen perustuva psykoterapian muoto, joka korostaa mm. kehotietoisuutta ja välitöntä dialogista kontaktia asiakkaan ja terapeutin välillä. Koulutuksen tavoitteena on antaa osallistujille helposti omaan työhön sovellettavissa olevaa teoreettista ja kokemuksellista tietoa hahmoterapian perusteista. Ei edellytä aiempia hahmoterapian opintoja. Kouluttajina kansainvälisesti tunnustetut johtavat gestalt-psykologian kouluttajat Michela Gecele (psykiatri, Gestalt-psykoterapeutti, Torino, Italy) ja Beatrix Wimmer (psykologi, Gestalt-psykoterapeutti Wien, Austria). Koulutus on englanninkielinen ja sen toteuttaa Helsingin seudun kesäyliopisto yhteistyössä Suomen Hahmoterapia ry kanssa.

Ilmoittautumiset 18.4. alkaen – 17.6.2018 mennessä.

Lisätietoja ks. esittelyteksti alla tai


Seminar 1: 6.–8.8. Mon–Wed 9:00–16:00 (Beatrix Wimmer and Michela Gecele)
Seminar 2: 13.–15.9. Thu–Sat 9:00–16:00 (Beatrix Wimmer)
Seminar 3: 15.–17.11.Thu–Sat 9:00–16:00 (Michela Gecele)
Seminar 4: 15.–17.3.2019 Fri–Sun (Michela Gecele)

Content and objectives: This education is designed to give participants basic knowledge and experience of Gestalt Therapy. Gestalt Therapy is a relational, holistic, and experiential form of psychotherapy. It emphasises dialogue as a direct contact between therapist and client, body awareness as a healing process, and relationality. The theoretical framework include field theory, phenomenology and  subject-to-subject -dialogue. In practice, gestalt therapy approaches the world from here-and-now -perspective: the world is experienced, not just learned in a conceptual manner. Gestalt Therapy can be seen as a way to deepen one’s relation to her professional field, self and the world. The basic principles of it can be readily taken to use in any client work once they are experienced and assimilated. The aim of the education is to learn to be an instrument to work with your clients. This may include deepening and sharpening your contact with you clients, and your environment in general by finding ways to experience the reality in a more direct manner, get deeper, more satisfying contacts in professional situations, sharpen and deepen your bod awareness in relation with your client.

The seminars are based on experiential learning, mixing theory and practice. The practical part can be carried out in different sizes of practicing groups during the seminars as well as in meetings of peer groups between the seminars. The preliminary structure of the course will be as follows (however, the structure is not a rigid one and, as we work in a circular way, considering different topics together and going deeper and deeper in them as the course unfolds). Estimated extend of the course is 20 credits.

Seminar 1:  The basic experiential therapy: In this seminar we will practice the basics of experiential psychotherapy, and learn some of the central theoretical concepts of Gestalt Therapy. We will be focusing on the phenomena and problems we are facing in our everyday practice, and the ways the Gestalt methodology can be used to meet them. The theory will be learned in both conceptual and experiential manner. The aim is to start to experience (during and after the seminar) a more aware and effective modality to stay with the client.

Seminar 2: Self and body as processes: In this seminar we will continue the basic relational theory, understood as a holistic process, and the process of being in the world. We will experiment our ways of contacting the world, the power of presence, and our power to modify our life and our context. We will consider the basic human ways to creatively adapt with our environment, according to the theory of Gestalt Therapy - how to recognise the diseases of our time, and how to relate with them in client work.

Seminar 3: Relationality as a therapeutic tool: In this seminar we learn to take a wider look into the therapy situation - how we relate to our clients, how they relate to their world of experience, and how this forms a field that functions as a base for any client work. Also, we aim to address the social context within therapy work and learn ways to offer the clients ways to find a wider and more accurate view of their own situation.

Seminar 4: Equal dialogue and experiencing as therapeutic tools, ending the education: In this seminar, we learn in more detail about experiential method and subject-to-subject -dialogue in the relevant context, and how to use this in client work. We will also look into the problems typical for our contemporary environment. The seminar will deepen and augment the theoretical and practical knowledge attained during the earlier seminars.

The training is organized in co-operation with Suomen Hahmoterapia ry.

Target group: Health care, mental health and social work professionals, who do client work. Earlier experience of Gestalt Therapy is not required. Participants are asked to fill in a motivation letter when registrating for the course. Please see the online registration form.

Teachers: Leading experts on Gestalt Psychology: Michela Gecele, psychiatrist and psychotherapist (Torino, Italy) and Beatrix Wimmer, psychologist and Gestalt therapist (Wien, Austria)

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to Nov 19

Skam, stolthet & sårbarhet 2-dagars workshop i att arbeta med skam och dess skyddsmekanismer i psykoterapi, behandling och annat hjälparbete, Helsingfors

Teman vi kommer att arbeta med/vad du får med dig under utbildningsdagarna: • Förstå mer vad skam egentligen är – både den friska, sunda skammen och den giftiga skammen: gå igenom aktuell teori/forskning som bakgrund till förståelsen, reflektioner kring hur den kan appliceras på behandlingsarbete. • Skillnaden mellan skam och skuld, och empatins viktiga roll i det. • Kunskap om hur skam och dess försvar kan ta sig i uttryck: Skamkompassen. • Få lära dig några specifika interventioner som kan hjälpa klienter/personer att hela skam. • Kopplingen till anknytningsmönster och hur hjärnan kidnappas av trauma/skam. • s.k. Stolthetsreaktioner – två sorters stolthet, den autentiska och den hybriska. • Självmedkänsla – vägen till att hantera och att hela skammens effekter, för både dig och dina klienter.

Vem riktar sig workshopen till: dig som arbetar med psykoterapi, behandling, stödarbete eller annan form av arbete som rör människor: socionomer, kuratorer, psykoterapeuter, psykologer, frivillig- och stödorganisationer i tredje sektorn, speciallärare och andra vars arbete är att stödja människor i utveckling. När: söndag 18 november 9.00 – 18.00 & måndag 19 november kl 9.00 – 16.00. Var: SFV-huset G18 (Svenska Folkskolans Vänner), Georgsgatan 18 i Helsingfors, våning 1. Möteslokal: Helsingfors rum 101 Pris: 150 euro för hela kursen, du förväntas delta i båda dagarna. Anmälningsformulär & QR-kod: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=lixkwQpRf0WA6Uwvo0BpyCuXW5N6ahFMv8Vh6J-tHVdUNVJBMExWUTFCSUEyNVFPVElXMjBaT01GTy4u

Denna workshop är ett samarbete med Psykosociala Förbundet i Finland: www.fspc.fi

Workshopledaren Jojo Tuulikki Oinonen är auktoriserad gestaltterapeut som har valt att specialisera sig inom skam och andra själv-medvetna emotioner. Har även arbetat som konsult inom näringsliv och organisationer, där arbetet oftast handlat om frågor som rör kreativitet och kommunikation. Hon har egen praktik i Stockholm där hon arbetar med klienter i individual- och gruppterapi, och även med föräldrastöd (gruppledare i Aktivt Föräldraskap).

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to Oct 30

Gestalt Therapy and Phenomenological Approach, Psychopathology and Clinical Practice, Torino, Italy

Organisation: IPsiG, Istituto Internazionale di Psicopatologia della Gestalt www.ipsig.it
Leaders: Gianni Francesetti, Michela Gecele


THE SECOND INTERNATIONAL TRAINING  WILL TAKE PLACE IN 2019 - 2022, SEE FURTHER DETAILS OF THE PROGRAM AT http://www.ipsig.it/international-training-second-edition

It is possible to choose the participation in a single seminar or in the two-year program 2019 - 2022.

Cost of a single seminar: 750 eur
Cost of the two years program: 2600 eur

The International Institute for Gestalt Therapy and Psychopathology was founded in Torino in 2016. The Institute is deeply rooted in the tradition of the phenomenological psychopathology and in contemporary wide debate on diagnosis and clinical practice. Human suffering is understood as a creative expression of the relational field and therapy as the situation where the therapist´s presence supports the transformation of pain into beauty, following the aesthetic criteria of the contact process.

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to Jun 4

A Gestalt Therapy Field Approach to Development and Psychopathology

Location: Italy (Milano, Rome, Palermo, Syracusa)

Organisation: Istituto di Gestalt HCC. Italy

Leader: Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb

A training to improve your clinical practice with new developments in Gestalt therapy, neurosciences, phenomenology and research.

As Gestalt therapists, how can we approach developmental processes, psychopathology and diagnosis?
How does our theory open new horizons on primary relationships, human suffering and contemporary disturbances?
How does this change our daily practice in supporting people who suer?

This International Training provides a coherent method to approach new clinical issues related to development, psychopathology and research in clinical practice.

Training Program is in two parts, each year will be two seminars.

Cost: 700 e per seminar. Discounts are available for those who attend at least one two-year program.

Information: info@gestalt.it, www.gestaltitaly.com


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to Oct 14

Yes we care! Supporting human dignity in a collapsing field - Giving a voice to those who are hardly heard, Berlin

 Human Rights and Social Responsibility Committee of EAGT Conference

Today, in many places in the world, psychotherapists offer a first relief to people in acute emergencies.

  • With their presence they provide a first shelter to men, women and children who flee from war zones or for political reasons.
  • They help them to integrate in a new –and sometimes hostile- environment. They offer first trauma care to victims of terrorist attacks or war.
  • They create a meeting place for people from different backgrounds, religions, culture, sexualities, to form new mutual supporting communities.
  • They protect the human rights of people who raise their voice against political oppression.

Among them we meet (Gestalt) therapists and other social and Human Rights workers who deploy professionally or voluntarily.

If you recognize yourself in this, we heartily invite you to participate in this conference.

Conference fee: Before April 1st 150/165 EUR
After April 1st 200/220 EUR

Lisätietoja ja ilmoittautumiset: http://conference.eagt.org/abstract-submission/

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3:00 PM15:00

Summer Programme for Gestalt Psychotherapists, Siracusa, Italy

One of the most important (and forgotten) issues for psychotherapists is to take care of oneself and to give oneself time and space to breathe, concentrate, to be able to accept the support of someone else.

This summer retreat and training will offer you the possibility to work on yourself, while being updated on contemporary Gestalt therapy theory and to reflect on the application of Gestalt therapy principles to today’s clinical problems. And of course – to have good Italian food, swim in the Ionian Sea, and visit many historical (Greek and Roman) sites.

The program is led by Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb psychologist, psychotherapist and researcher, international trainer, Director of the Istituto di Gestalt HCC Italy (Siracusa, Palermo and Milan).

Cost 700 Euro  (board and lodging excluded).

Further information: https://www.gestaltitaly.com/contents/2018_summer.pdf

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to Jul 29

MOVING TOWARDS THE EDGE- An Advanced International Event in Gestalt Therapy, Spain

Leaders: Ruella Frank, Jean-Marie Robine and Michael Vincent Miller

Location: Bilbao, Spain


An Advanced International Event in Gestalt Therapy

This six-day program, a collaboration among Michael Vincent Miller, Ruella Frank and Jean-Marie Robine, three international trainers and theorists, is intended for experienced practitioners as well as trainers of Gestalt therapy. The emphasis is on expanding possibilities and exploring new horizons in our work. Foundational concepts of Gestalt therapy, such as contacting, contact-boundary, theory of self, etc., will be scrutinized and given new shape. Some of our concerns to be taken up: The phenomenology of movement in early development and therapy; anxiety, depression, and trauma from a temporal point of view; the central place of form in the aesthetics of health and pathology; reflexivity--the moving I and the feeling Me--in the theory of self.

Each half-day, one of the presenters will open the topic and the other two join in to contribute to a further illumination of the theme, and arrive at an integration of our various perspectives. There also will be ample time for experiments, small group discussion, and therapy demonstrations to ground this new material in participants’ experience.


Workshop + lunches : 1200 €

Early bird (before Jan 31th) : 1050 €

Latecomers (after May 20 th) : 1350 €

Information and registration:

Institut Français de Gestalt-thérapie www.gestalt-ifgt.com • ifgt@orange.fr



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to May 6

Congress Attachment and Trauma, London

LOCATION QEII Conference Centre – London

ATTACHMENT AND TRAUMA Personality Development and Psychotherapy

Attachment, simple and complex trauma can have an impact not only on the brain,but also onthe personalitydevelopmentof humanbeings. In recent years, there has been a growing consensus within the scientific community on the importance of the connections between attachment, trauma,personalitydevelopmentandpathology. Additionally, thanks to some major advances in all these therapies, the latter have proved – and keep on proving – to be effective in the treatment of attachment disorders and traumas. Besides this, a large number of studies aimed at evaluating the most important and effective aspects of both trauma therapies and the treatment of personality disorders have beenrecently carriedout. The most leading experts in all these fields will gather in London to share their vast knowledge about attachment, trauma, personality developmentandpsychotherapy. After the first unforgettable conference in May 2017, this Congress is an unmissable event within the international landscape of psychology and psychotherapy. Besides eleven different presentations and one panel discussion per day, there will be ample space for discussion. The Congress will be held at the wonderfulQueenElisabethII Centre,in the heartof London.


e-mail to segreteria@isctraining.com



Early bird rates

– Within September 15th, 2017: £300

– Within December 31st, 2017: £350

Full price

– From January 1st to May 4th, 2018: £430

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to Apr 29

Embodied Intersubjectivity, Sweden

Leader:  Ruella Frank, Ph.D.

Location: Bromma, Stockholm

Dates: 28.-29.4.2018

Embodied Intersubjectivity
a developmental and movement oriented
approach to psychotherapy

In this 2-day workshop, Dr Ruella Frank will explore the intricate relational moves of embodied intersubjectivity that form a basis of communication, initially between parent and baby but then throughout life.

The movement repertoire that develops in the first year of life is a language that conveys our most pressing desires, intentions and emotions. These expressive movements, acquired in the company of significant others, go on to become the tacit core of adult behaviour in everyday experience and, of course, in the psychotherapy relationship too.

It is on the details of this somatic expression of affect and relational intent that we will focus during the workshop, developing our understanding of the meaning and emotional significance of these somatic communications and skills in applying those insights to the therapy work.

Ruella Frank, Ph.D., is founder and director of the Center for Somatic Studies, and faculty at Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy and the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy. Ruella was a student of Laura Perls, one of the founders of Gestalt Therapy. She teaches workshops throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and various European countries.

Ruella is the author of several chapters in various publications, as well as the book Body of Awareness: A Somatic and Developmental Approach to Psychotherapy, (2001, GestaltPress, available in 4 languages) and co-authored The First Year and The Rest of Your Life: Movement, Development and Psychotherapeutic Change (2010, Routledge Press, available in 3 languages). Her training video Introduction to Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy, now subtitled in French and Russian, is available at www.somaticstudies.com.


Alviks Medborgarhus (Alviks Community House)
Room: Brommasalen (2nd floor)
Gustavslundsvägen 168 A
167 51 Bromma ,Stockholm
Nearest subway station: Alvik

Fee: $400

For further information and to register email ruellafrank@gmail.com


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to Feb 16

Psykoterapiatutkimuksenpäivät 2018, Jyväskylä - mukana Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb

Psy­ko­te­ra­pia­tut­ki­muk­sen päi­vät 2018

XIV Psykoterapiatutkimuksen päivät järjestetään 15.-16.2.2018 Jyväskylässä, Cumulus Resort Laajavuoressa.

Psykoterapiatutkimuksen päivien tuhtiin ohjelmaan sisältyy tänä vuonna Suomessa harvinainen tilaisuus kuulla kansainvälisesti tunnustettua hahmoterapian asiantuntijaa:  Psykologian tohtori, psykoterapeutti, kansainvälinen gestalt-terapiakouluttaja ja tietokirjailija Dr. Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb luennoi Gestalt therapy-rinnakkaistyöpajassa (Sessio 6) torstaina 15.2. klo 15:30 – 17 otsikolla

”From losses of ego functions to the dance steps between psychotherapist and client. Phenomenology and aesthetics of contact in the psychotherapeutic field.”

XIV Psykoterapiatutkimuksen päivien pääteemana on "Vastavuoroisuus ja dialogisuus psykoterapiassa". Vastavuoroisuus ja dialogisuus ovat hahmoterapian ytimessä ja alustuksen voidaan odottaa avaavan innostavia ja tuoreita näkökulmia Suomessa vähän tunnetun hahmopsyko-terapian lähestymistavasta tärkeään aiheeseen. Tilaisuuden puheenjohtajana tilassa 10 toimii Katriina Hyvönen.

Ilmoittautumiset Psykoterapiatutkimuksen päiville: https://payments.jyu.fi/events/psykoterapiatutkimus_2018
Koko päivien ohjelma: https://www.jyu.fi/…/psykoterapeuttiko…/ptt-2018-ohjelma.pdf

Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb on tehnyt elämäntyönsä eurooppalaisen psykoterapian kentässä psykoterapiatyön ammatillisuuden ja modernin hahmoterapian kehittämiseksi ja tunnetuksi tekemiseksi. Hän on toiminut mm. lukuisissa johto- ja luottamustehtävissä kansainvälisissä alan järjestöissä. Margheritan elämäntyöstä voit lukea lisää hänen 1970-luvulla perustamansa ja edelleen johtamansa instituutin Istituto di Gestalt HCC sivulla osoitteessa https://www.gestaltitaly.com/margherita-spagnuolo-lobb/

Spagnuolo Lobb on myös julkaissut ja toimittanut useita gestalt-terapiaa käsitteleviä teoksia ja satoja artikkeleja. Hänen tuorein kirjansa The Now-for-Next in Psychotherapy. Gestalt Therapy Recounted in Post Modern Society (2013) on julkaistu englanniksi, italiaksi, venäjäksi, ranskaksi, espanjaksi ja romaniaksi ja on tarkoitus olla saatavilla Jyväskylässä psykoterapiatutkimuksen päivillä. Esittely ja kirjatilaukset https://www.gestalt.it/the-now-for-next-in-psychotherapy-m…/


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to Nov 23

Mentalisaatio- terapian suomalainen kongressi,Turku

Paikka: Kokoushotelli Linnasmäki, Lustokatu 7, 20380 Turku

Kohderyhmä: Terveydenhuollon ja sosiaalialan ammattihenkilöstö esim. lääkärit, psykologit, psykoterapeutit ja terveydenhoitajat sekä muut ihmissuhde-, ohjaus- ja kasvatustyötä tekevät.

Tervetuloa kuulemaan uusinta tietoa mentalisaatiosta ja sen soveltamisesta käytännön työhön. Alan asiantuntijat käsittelevät aiheita monipuolisesti eri näkökulmista. Kongressista saat erilaisia mentalisaatiokykyä mittaavia työvälineitä ja mittareita. Tule kehittämään omaa ammattitaitoasi ja verkostoitumaan!

Teemoja ja sisältöä:

22.11.2017 Mentalisaatiokyvyn kehitys ja tutkiminen

- Katsaus kansainväliseen mentalisaatioterapiatutkimukseen
- Aivot ja mentalisaatiokyvyn kehitys
- Mentalisaatiokyvyn kehittyminen lapsuudesta aikuisuuteen
- Mentalisaatio ja reflektiivinen kyky vanhempi-lapsi vuorovaikutuksessa
- Mentalisaatio – paluu edeltäjiin. Mentalisaatioteorian kehitysaskeleita.

23.11. 2017 Mentalisaatio käytännön työssä

- Mentalisaatiohoitotiimin perustaminen suomalaiseen mielenterveyden hoitojärjestelmään
- Mentalisaatioon perustuva hoito ja yksilöterapia
- Mentalisaation käytäntöä psykiatriassa: psykoedukaatioryhmä.
- Vanhemman mentalisaatiokyvyn arviointi ja edistäminen
- Psykofyysinen näkökulma mentalisaatiokyvyn edistämiseen


Early Bird -hinta 350 € (voimassa 31.5. asti)
Hinta 410 € (1.6. alkaen)
Yhden päivän hinta 260 €
Illallinen 38 e




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to Nov 19

Keho oppaana -viikonloppukurssi hahmoterapeuteille marraskuussa

Keho oppaana -viikonloppukurssi hahmoterapeuteille marraskuussa

Olet lämpimästi tervetullut nollaamaan, virkistymään,  lepäämään ja myös yllättymään oman viisaan kehosi äärelle la 18.- su 19.11.2017 (la klo 10-17 ja su klo 10-15).

Keho oppaana -kurssin menetelminä käytämme Autenttinen liike -elementtejä, stressinpurkumenetelmä TRE:tä (Tension & Stress Releasing Exercises) sekä muita kehotietoisuutta lisääviä harjoitteita. TRE käynnistää kehon luonnollisen palautumismekanismin, joka vapauttaa kehon syviä lihasjännityksiä. Autenttisen liikkeen menetelmässä asetutaan liikkeen, asentojen, piirtämisen ja havainnoinnin keinoin oman kokemuksen äärelle. Aiempaa kokemusta menetelmistä ei tarvita.

TRE (Tension & Stress Releasing Exercises) on helposti omaksuttava kehollinen stressinpurkumenetelmä, joka perustuu kehon biologiseen ja neurologiseen kykyyn palautua stressaavista tilanteista. Harjoitus käynnistää lihasten vapinana tai tärinänä alkavan luonnollisen palautumismekanismin. Harjoituksen aluksi tehdään yksinkertainen liikesarja, joka on helppo oppia, ja sen vaikutuksesta kehoa rentouttava vapina käynnistyy. TRE:stä on valmistunut ensimmäinen suomenkielinen tutkimus (2017), jossa psykiatrista hoitotyötä tekevät ovat kuvanneet TRE:n vaikutuksia: mm. stressin väheneminen, aktivaatiotason laskeminen, unenlaadun paraneminen ja fyysis-psyykkisen hyvinvoinnin lisääntyminen. Linkki opinnäytteeseen:

Autenttinen liike on liikkeellisesti vapaa metodi, jossa asetutaan liikkeen ja vuorovaikutuksen keinoin oman kokemuksen äärelle. Työskentely pohjautuu spontaaniin liikkumiseen toisen ihmisen, todistajan läsnäollessa. Autenttisen liikkeen työskentelyssä liikutaan silmät kiinni, mikä syventää liikkumisen kokemusta. Autenttisen liikkeen työskentely mahdollistaa välittömän kokemuksen itsestä sellaisena kuin olemme. Tämä vapauttaa voimavarojamme ja sillä on tervehdyttävä vaikutus keho-mieleemme. Autenttinen liike on saanut alkunsa 1960-luvulla tanssiterapeutti Mary Whitehousen yhdistäessä toisiinsa ekspressiivisen tanssin ja jungilaisen
aktiivisen mielikuvituksen käsitteen. Lisätietoa menetelmästä: www.disciplineofauthenticmovement.com

VIIKONLOPUN HINTA: 120eur (sis. ALV 10%). Yrityksen kautta maksavat +ALV 10% eli 132eur.
PAIKKA: Helsinki, ilmoitetaan myöhemmin.
ILMOITTAUTUMISET JA LISÄTIETOA: Kirsi Törmi, kirsi.saastamoinen@mac.com , p. 050-3080203. Ilmoittautumiset 22.9.2017 mennessä. Max osallistujamäärä 14. Mikäli kurssille ei tule riittävästi osallistujia hahmoterapiayhdistyksen kautta, kurssia tarjotaan myös muille terapeuttista työtä tekeville.

Tanssitaiteen tohtori, hahmoterapeutti, mentor, TRE-ohjaaja Kirsi Törmi (1970) on tehnyt monipuolisen uran tanssija-koreografi-tutkijana. Tällä hetkellä Kirsi työskentelee tuntiopettajana Taideyliopiston Teatterikorkeakoulussa (somaattiset menetelmät),  osa-aikaisena tutkijana Cuporen ArtsEqual-hankkeessa sekä hahmoterapeuttina ja TRE-ohjaajana yksityisvastaanotollaan Kajaanissa.

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to Sep 20

Practising Theory and Practice of Gestalt Therapy, Switzerland

Leaders: Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, Niklaus Brantschen

Location: Lassalle Haus Bad Schoenbrunn, Edlibach/Switzerland.

Convened by Schweizerischer Verein für Gestalttherapie und Integrative Therapie SVG and Giorg.Services.

Nurturing a sense of belonging in a desensitised world: A Workshop with Dr. Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, Gestalt Therapist and Niklaus Brantschen, Zen Master.

How to support self-regulation and interest into the other and life today? We feel the need to develop traditional tools of Gestalt therapy, while keeping rooted in our basic principles.

Zen is delightful and annoying. Zen is frustrating and rewarding. Zen is rational and not rational. Attracted by a precise and demanding practise, we are often discouraged from sitting in silence. Assuming to know what is meant by sitting in silence, this apparent knowing get lost and get weird the more we try to approach it.

Pricing: Program 445.00 Swiss Francs plus accommodation 480.00 Swiss Francs (room1) or 640.00 Swiss Francs (room2). Accommodation includes full board (breakfast, three course lunch and three course dinner).



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to Sep 10

2 erillistä workshopia 8-9.9.2017 Attachment, EFT and Trauma Work: Relational Resources in the Treatment of Trauma 10.9.2017 Working with Emotional Withdrawal

Kouluttaja: James Thomas

Järjestäjä: Suomen Pariterapiayhdistys

Paikka: Helsinki


Attachment, EFT and Trauma Work: Relational Resources in the Treatment of Trauma

Attendees will develop an attachment-based view of trauma, and how relational therapy aids and may be a primary intervention in addressing trauma. Attendees will learn about how trauma outside of the relationship can impact a couple and ways to address this trauma to strengthen their bond. We explore how couples or family therapy provides an optimal place for healing childhood sexual abuse and other childhood traumas with adult clients. 


Working with Emotional Withdrawal:

Attendees will visit the world of emotional withdrawers inorder to strengthen their work with couples and families. These people often present as not having strong emotions, not understanding why their partner wants more from them, and feeling blamed in the negative cycle by their partner. We will look at how emotional withdrawal typically reflects an avoidant attachment style. We will learn and practice applying EFT techniques and focus to access and make space for emotional withdrawal in the room. Understanding emotional withdrawal and making space for it in the session has a significant positive impact on couple´s therapy work.





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to Jul 30

Summer Programme for Gestalt Psychotherapists, Siracusa, Italy

One of the most important (and forgotten) issues for psychotherapists is to take care of oneself and to give oneself time and space to breathe, concentrate, to be able to accept the support of someone else. This summer retreat and training will offer you the possibility to work on yourself, while being updated on contemporary Gestalt therapy theory and to reflect on the application of Gestalt therapy principles to today’s clinical problems. And of course – to have good Italian food, swim in the Ionian Sea, and visit many historical (Greek and Roman) sites.

Lisätietoja www.gestaltitaly.com

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to Jul 28

European Gestalt Therapy Training Program, Tralee, Ireland

2017 MARKS THE 46th YEAR of GATLA’s Summer Residential Gestalt Therapy Training Program. The purpose of this program is to provide the highest quality of training available for psychotherapists in Gestalt and Experiential psychotherapy and other relational models of therapy while retaining the flexibility to be adaptable to practitioners of Cognitive Behavior Therapy. All faculty will do clinical demonstrations and all work will be related to theory.

Lisätietoja gatla.org

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to Jul 15

European Couples Therapy Training Program, Tralee, Ireland

A five day six night Residential Couples therapy training workshop (Basic and Advanced levels) for therapists and allied professionals who work with couples and those interested in learning to work with couples. This will be a practical, “hands-on” workshop with daily supervised practice for all therapists. All clinical work will be related to theory – to clarify and to make both more meaningful and practical.

MODEL COUPLES NEEDED:  3 demonstration “Model Couples” are invited to join this workshop. Model couples participate in all discussions of the clinical work. The workshop is inclusive and transparent. Please contact Bob Resnick for additional information at (310) 826-7750 or BobResnick360@gmail.com

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to Jul 9

Theory of self its clinical and practical use, Saint Romain la Virvée, France

In this international workshop for gestalt-therapists, supervisors and trainers, Jean-Marie Robine, internationally well know through his teaching and back- and-forth between theory and practice, will offer an extended unfolding of the core constructs of the « theory of self », and mostly, will teach how it could be used in our daily practice of gestalt-therapists.

Lisätietoja www.gestalt-ifgt.com

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to Jun 25


Leader:  Elinor Greenberg, PHD

Location: Krakow, Poland

We are pleased to invite you to the workshop for psychotherapists, which aims to deepen existing knowledge and practice of psychotherapy in working with people with Borderline Personality Adaptation. The workshop is directed to professionals working in a variety of therapeutic modalities, as well as people who can use the content of the workshop in their area of work.

Elinor Greenberg is a licensed psychologist in private practice in New York City. Dr. Greenberg is an internationally known Gestalt Therapist and trainer who is also certified in the Masterson Approach to the Psychodynamic Treatment of Borderline, Narcissistic and Schizoid Disorders; Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Group Psychotherapy.


Translation: The workshop will be held in English with translation into Polish

Information & registration: kontakt@centrumodkrycie.pl

Links: http://centrumodkrycie.pl/2015/12/28/warsztat-praca-z-osobami-borderline/

Costs :
1900 PLN (475 EUR) if non-refundable deposit of 900 PLN (225 EUR) is paid after 31st of December 2016.
1st installment needs to be paid within 7 days from the moment of receiving confirmed registration email.
2nd repayment – 1000 PLN (250 EUR) paid between 23 and 30 of April 2017.

Polish version: https://www.facebook.com/events/573322216192479/

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to Jun 18


Leaders Sue Congram & Marian Dunlea

Location at the traditional, charming SKITES Hotel, Ouranoupolis, Chalkidiki, Northern Greece

We are pleased to let you know that registration for Marian Dunlea's and Sue Congram's yearly workshop "Discovering the Unlived Live through BodyDreaming™ and Mask Work" in Skites, Greece is now officially open.  
This workshop is an interweave of BodyDreaming™, active imagination, movement, voice work, mask and art to explore the as yet "unlived life". It is open to men and women, who might be new to the work or who come with much experience.   Couples are also welcome.
And for those of you who already made a mask, we invite you to bring it with you and work more deeply with it if you wish, instead of making a new one.  Just let us know when you make your booking if it is your intention to work with a previous mask.
The workshop starts on Tuesday June 13th at 6pm and will end on Sunday June 18th 2017 after dinner.   
You can benefit from an Early Bird Registration fee that will run until March 25th 2017, so you may want to book now if you plan to come as we expect this workshop to fill up quickly (a few bookings have already come in).  
For a detailed description of the workshop and instructions on how to register, please see the flyer attached.  Or follow the link HERE .   
And thanks for forwarding this e-mail to those around you who may be interested in it too.
We hope that you will join us for this workshop on this ancient peninsula of Mt Athos, among the olive trees overlooking the sea where we feel so welcomed and supported in the creative process of BodyDreaming™ and mask making.    

With warm wishes  
Marian and Sue

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to Jun 11


Leader: Kekuni Minton

Location: GestaltTherapy Kairòs Institute,  GTK, Rome, Italy

"Trauma and the body in psychotherapy. The clinical intervention".

The workshop will introduce the Gestalt Therapy and Sensorimotor psychotherapy® 's models of intervention. Our special guest for the occasion will be Kekuni Minton Ph.D., co-author (with Pat Ogden, Ph.D. and Claire Pain Ph.D.) of "Trauma and the body. A sensori motor approach to psychotherapy". With the participation of Giovanni Salonia and Valeria Conte, Directors of GTK Institute


The fee: 210e
If you register and pay before March the 1st, 2017, you will pay Euro 150,00.






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to Jun 10

In the dance between therapist and client, Italy

Leader: Nancy McWilliams

Location: Siracusa, Italy

In the dance between therapist and client.
 Aesthetic and phenomenological diagnosis in Gestalt therapy
Two days of Theory, Clinics and Research

It’s well known that the quality of the therapeutic alliance is the best predictor of the therapeutic outcome, beyond the kind of disturbance lamented by the client.

The phenomenological and aesthetic perspectives within which we participate rather than objectify the world and experience it through sensory perceptions, attunement, and resonances, are proper antidotes to the desensitization common to contemporary society.


100 Euro (board and lodging excluded)

Through this link

For information info@gestalt.it


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to May 28

Research in Gestalt Therapy: International Conference in Paris

The EAGT invites you to join this important international conference that aims to encourage and support research in Gestalt Therapy. Places limited!

This event is addressed to Gestalt practitioners, trainees and other psychotherapy practitioners. The conference is designed for networking, collaboration and the elaboration of new research projects for Gestalt therapy and will exhibit current research and explore research relevant to the Gestalt tradition. We will have world class psychotherapy researchers participating: Louis Castonguay, Wolfgang Tschacher, Xavier Briffault.

The price will be kept down to the minimum possible in order to promote participation of the trainees and colleagues from countries with economical difficulties.

More information on the EAGT web site www.eagt.org

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to May 7

Movement - our first language. An introduction to Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy, Stockholm, Sweden

Leader: Helen Kallner

Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy is a relational and movement oriented
approach to psychotherapy within a Gestalt therapy framework.

Date: May 6-7th, 9:30 – 16.00 both days.
Cost: 2500 SEK (tax included)
Venue: Central Stockholm
Registration: helena.kallner@gmail.com

Movement is central to all experience and serves as fundamental supports for contacting. The movement repertoire that develops relationally early in life is a language in itself, that conveys desires, intentions and emotions. Even though our movement patterns have changed over time, the foundation established early in life remain readily observable and available in our everyday experience.

In this workshop participants will be introduced to a movement based vocabulary that supports our ability to kinaesthetically resonate with the situation. The main theme will be our sensed, direct and aesthetic experience of the situation we live in. Participants will explore how yet unaware primary movement patterns are part of their present experience and influence daily life. We will attend to the qualities of contact that we experience kinaesthetically, and how that informs us of self and otherness.

Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy, developed by Ruella Frank PhD, is a comprehensive system of phenomenological analysis that allows practitioners to diagnose and treat their clients using movement experiments.

Helena Kallner works as a Gestalt Psychotherapists in Sweden and teaches internationally. She has trained with Ruella Frank for many years, and she is certified to teach DSP. Helena is a board member at the Gestalt Academy of Scandinavia, part of the leadership team in Relational Change and she works closely with Ekskäret Foundation

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to Apr 23

GIS, Master class “Re-discovering the Field”, Frans Meulmeester, Vihula, Estonia

Leader: Frans Meulmeester,

Organization: Gestalt Institute of Scandinavia

Location: Viluha, Estonia

Understanding the Field of the Client and the Therapist as a part of it, is one of the most powerful insights in Gestalt therapy. Gestalt therapy started as a liberation movement with a wide and complex understanding of the field. But somehow by working in our practices with individual client we have lost this perspective.
In this Masterclass we intend to focus the Field also including the social and political field. The individual is the “the chimney where the smoke of the wider field comes out”. In other words: Many of our clients also represent or express the pathology of a wider field, in fact of the society we are living in.
In the work with individual clients the risk is that we perceive and work with the client only as an individual with personal problems or with personal pathology. In that way we actually affirm the client as being “the patient”, and as being the one who is problematic in a “normal” world.
However, when we work from a field perspective we know that psychopathology is always psychopathology of the field, of the relation.
During the master class we will work with both experiments and cases to explore the deeper layers of our work with individual clients. We will broaden our awareness on our own paradigms and socio-political background.

Seminar fee 750

Masterclass Vihula 2017, pdf-file



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9:00 AM09:00

USKALLANKO KOHDATA – Lasten seksuaalinen kaltoinkohtelu, Kouvola



Sosiaali- ja terveysalan ammattilaiset, kaikki asiasta kiinnostuneet.


Kouvola-talo, Varuskuntakatu 11, 45100 Kouvola.
Koulutus on maksuton.


Anna Nuotio

Tommi P.Pesonen

Jussi Nissinen

Aiheina lasten seksuaalinen kaltoinkohtelu: Vastikkeellinen seksi, seksuaalinen kaltoinkohtelu unohtamatta poikien näkökulmaa, lapsikohteinen seksuaalisuus ja ennaltaehkäisy.


Suomen DELFINS ry on valtakunnallinen etu- ja tukijärjestö aikuisille, jotka ovat lapsuudessaan kokeneet seksuaalista väkivaltaa, heidän läheisilleen ja ammattiauttajille. Yhdistys on toiminut 20 vuotta 27.3.2017.


Kauppalankatu 5
050 522 6604 arkisin klo 10.00




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to Mar 17

Psykofyysisen psykoterapian päivityspäivät peruskoulutuksen käyneille, Turku

Kouluttajana Cecilia Waldekranz. Paikka Turun kristillinen opisto, Lustokatu 7. Hinta 320 €, mahdollisuus yöpyä edullisesti 1-2 h/huoneessa. Yhteistyössä Turun kesäyliopiston kanssa.

Lisätiedot ja ilmoittautuminen linkin kautta

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to Mar 4

Mentalisaatio ja suhde syömiseen -workshop, Psykofyysinen psykoterapiayhdistys,Turku

Järjestämme vuosikokouksen yhteydessä jälleen kaksipäiväisen workshopin Turun kristillisellä opistolla, tällä kertaa aiheella ”Mentalisaatio ja suhde syömiseen”. Pääpuhujana toimii mentalisaatio- ja syömishäiriöspesialisti, psykiatrian professori, kirjailija Finn Skårderud Oslosta. Hänen luentojensa aiheet ovat ”Minding the body. Mentalizing and eating disorders, descriptions and understanding” sekä ”Mentalization-based approaches to eating disorders”. Psykologit, psykoterapeutit Gudrun Kristmannsdottir ja Pirjo Laitila pitävät workshopin syömishäiriöstä ja tunteista sekä luennoivat vuosikokouksen yhteydessä samasta aiheesta esitellen integratiivista mentalisaatioryhmää syömishäiriöpotilaille. Toisen päivän paneelissa saadaan kaikki vieraat yhteen sekä mukaan liittyy myös psykiatrian dosentti, psykoterapiakouluttaja Matti Keinänen. Lisäksi Kolme naista -kollektiivi esittää performanssin ”Mielelläni kehossani”, jonka jälkeen esiintyjät osallistuvat osallistujien kanssa loppukeskusteluun. Hinta 180 € sisältää ohjelman, koulutuspäivien ateriat, vuosikokouksen ohjelmineen ja illallisineen. Ilmoittautuminen minna.martin@saunalahti.fi,



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to Mar 9

Voimauttavan valokuvan perusteet hoidollisen ja pedagogisen työn ammattilaisille(8op), Espoo

Ohjaaja: Miina Savolainen

Omnia Aikuisopisto

Haku käynnissä 12.2.2017 asti

Onko voimauttavan valokuvan menetelmä ja Maailman ihanin tyttö -lastensuojeluprojekti sinulle tuttu? Espoossa on alkamassa innostava täydennyskoulutus sosiaali- ja terveydenhoidon, pedagogiikan, nuorisotyön, terapian ja seurakuntatyön ammattilaisille. Koulutuksen ohjaajan toimii voimauttavan valokuvan menetelmän kehittäjä Miina Savolainen.

Voimauttavan valokuvan täydennyskoulutusopinnot vahvistavat ammattilaisen mentalisaation ja dialogisuuden taitoja sekä kykyä peilata asiakkaan arvokkuutta katseella ja kehollisella läsnäololla. Menetelmässä valokuvat ovat konkreettinen väline muuttaa katsomisen tapaa myös sellaisissa tilanteissa, joissa elämäntapojen muutosta on vaikea rakentaa.

Ohessa on koulutusta koskeva tiedote, josta löytyy perusasiat sen sisällöstä ja aikataulusta. Lisätietoja koulutuksen järjestäjän nettisivuilta:


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to Sep 25

The Aesthetic of Otherness: Meeting at the Boundary in a Desensitized World. The First AAGT and EAGT Joint Conference Taormina, Sicily

EAGT:n (The European Association of Gestalt Therapy) ja AAGT:n (The Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy) ensimmäinen yhteinen konferenssi järjestetään v. 2016 Taorminassa, Sisiliassa.

A unique opportunity for two of the largest international associations for Gestalt therapy to meet and learn from each other. We will co-create a fertile ground in order to explore our differences and similarities, our intentionalities for contact, our potentialities to develop theory and practice, and our wish to enjoy ourselves. The meaning of any intentionality is fully revealed only at the end of the process of co-creation: so, let’s start this process with the faith that the ground will support our next steps towards the co-creation of the aesthetic figure of contactful experience! 

Ilmoittautumiset ja lisätietoja http://www.taorminaconference2016.com/eng/ 


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to Aug 21

Perhekonstellaatioiden invensiivikurssi, Helsinki

Barcelonan hahmoterapiainstituutin perustaja ja johtaja, hahmoterapeutti, NLP-ohjaaja, psykologi, kirjailija sekä Espanjan ja espanjankielisen maailman tunnetuin konstelloija, Joan Garriga saapuu Helsinkiin  pitämään viikonlopun mittaisen perhekonstellaatioiden intensiivikurssin, jonka aikana hän perehdyttää osallistujat tekniikkaan sekä toteuttaa lukuisia konstellaatioita osallistujien tarpeista ja lähtökohdista käsin. Tulkkaus espanjasta suomeksi.

Perhekonstellaatio on saksalaisen Bert Hellingerin kehittämä vaihtoehtoinen terapeuttinen menetelmä, jossa yhdistyy elementtejä eksistentiaalisesta fenomenologiasta, psykodraamasta, perheterapiasta sekä alkuperäiskansojen hengellisestä mystiikasta. Yhden istunnon aikana konstellaatio pyrkii paljastamaan aikaisemmin tuntemattomia perhesysteemin toimintamalleja, jotka voivat kattaa useita sukupolvia. Konstellaation tavoitteena on tuoda kyseisiä toimintamalleja asiakkaan tietoisuuteen ja ratkaista niiden vahingollisia vaikutuksia pyrkien kannustamaan asiakasta kohtaamaan ja hyväksymään menneisyyden tosiseikat sellaisenaan. Konstellaation kokeneet asiakkaat tuntevat usein vapautuneensa vanhasta painolastista, syyllisyyden tunteesta, vaikeista kohtaloista ja kokevat voivansa nyt suunnata kohti omia tavoitteitaan positiivisista lähtökohdista käsin.

Lukuisat terapeutit, psykologit, sosiaalialan työntekijät sekä muut ihmisläheistä työtä tekevät henkilöt ympäri maailmaa käyttävät perhekonstellaatioita täydentävänä osana työtään.

Aika: Lauantai 20.8. klo 10 - 20, sunnuntai 21.8. klo 10 - 14:30
Paikka: Joogakoulu Shakta os. Työpajankatu 10 C 4. krs Metroasema Kalasatama
Hinta: 200 EUR

Lisätietoja ja ilmoittautumiset: perhekonstellaatiot@gmail.com
Lisätietoja myös https://www.facebook.com/events/1621335108180246/ 


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to Jul 29

Gestalt Therapy Training, GATLA, Maceira, Portugal

We are very pleased and excited to be taking GATLA's summer Residential Training Programs to Portugal in 2016.  We will be at the O Hotel Golf Mar 45 minutes north of Lisbon overlooking the Atlantic Ocean:  http://www.ohotelsandresorts.com/en/Menu/Hotels-Thermal-Centres/Hotel-Golf-Mar/Hotel.aspx 

Robert W. Resnick, Ph.D., Rita F. Resnick, Ph.D. together with International Guest Faculty and Distinguished Gestalt Visitors.

For our 45th Annual Summer Residential Gestalt Therapy Training Program we are offering our renowned 9-day 12-night Gestalt Therapy Training Program with five training levels from Introductory to Master Class. The program offers learning in large and small groups, individual therapy for members of the Introductory, Advanced and Advanced Intensive groups by participants in the Clinical Practicum and Master Class with Faculty and/or Group Leader supervision, cutting edge theory as well as personalized feedback to help participants develop their own style of working.  

STRONG COMMUNITY International in scope - participants from 30 different countries. Internationally trained faculty. Return rate of over 80%.

FIVE LEVELS OF TRAINING Basic, Advanced, Advanced Intensive, Clinical Practicum and MasterClass with interdependent groups interweaving theory, supervision, group work and personal therapy. (The Basic Group is designed for applicants who are new to Gestalt Therapy or who have limited post-graduate training in Gestalt Therapy. ) 


Early Registration (Before March 30, 2016):
Individual Registration Basic/Advanced Groups: $3345.00
Group of 5 Registering together (Basic/Advanced Groups): $3095.00 (each)
Individual Registration (Adv Intensive, Clinical Practicum, Master Class): $3595.00,
Group of 5 Registering together(Adv Int, CP, Master Class): $3295.00 (each)

After March 30, 2016:
Basic/ Advanced Groups: $3595.00
Adv Int, Clinical Practicum, Master Class: $3895.00
Single Room Supplement: $900.00

Discounts May Not be combined.  Those attending both the Couples and the Gestalt groups will receive a 15% discount on both programs.

Lisätietoja ja ilmoittautumiset:

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to Jul 17


Ainutlaatuinen workshop vain 15 osallistujalle – ilmoittaudu pian jos haluat mukaan! Englanninkielinen.

Hinta: 930 €
Lisätietoja ja ilmoittautumiset:


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