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GIS, Master class “Re-discovering the Field”, Frans Meulmeester, Vihula, Estonia

Leader: Frans Meulmeester,

Organization: Gestalt Institute of Scandinavia

Location: Viluha, Estonia

Understanding the Field of the Client and the Therapist as a part of it, is one of the most powerful insights in Gestalt therapy. Gestalt therapy started as a liberation movement with a wide and complex understanding of the field. But somehow by working in our practices with individual client we have lost this perspective.
In this Masterclass we intend to focus the Field also including the social and political field. The individual is the “the chimney where the smoke of the wider field comes out”. In other words: Many of our clients also represent or express the pathology of a wider field, in fact of the society we are living in.
In the work with individual clients the risk is that we perceive and work with the client only as an individual with personal problems or with personal pathology. In that way we actually affirm the client as being “the patient”, and as being the one who is problematic in a “normal” world.
However, when we work from a field perspective we know that psychopathology is always psychopathology of the field, of the relation.
During the master class we will work with both experiments and cases to explore the deeper layers of our work with individual clients. We will broaden our awareness on our own paradigms and socio-political background.

Seminar fee 750

Masterclass Vihula 2017, pdf-file…/18-23-of-april-vihula-master…/