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Hahmoterapeuttinen työnohjaajakoulutus 2020-22, Helsinki

Suomen Hahmoterapia ry is organizing
a Training for Supervision in 2020-22.

We are happy to announce our training for supervision that will start in November 2020.

This training is aimed to provide a profound knowledge, skills and attitude in supervision.
It is targeted for psychotherapists, counsellors, coaches and any other professionals who want to integrate supervision into their work.

The content of the training is based on the gestalt therapy principles, theory and background. It does not include teaching of gestalt therapy. People who attend the training should have sufficient previous knowledge of gestalt; a specific degree is not acquired.
Training will consist of experiential learning with the group, the theory will be integrated with experiments, study groups and discussions.

Peer groups will meet in between the seminars.



A two year program with each year 3 seminars of 4 dayso Total of 200 contact hours (45 min.)

Supervision on supervision (hypervision) Intervision


Seminar 1 Supervision 

Trainer: Frans Meulmeester

Date: November, 4th – 7th, 2020 

Hours: 4 days of 7 hours (= 28 hours) 


- definition and boundaries in relation to therapy, coaching, counseling, instruction etc.

- the focus of supervision: the relation therapist – client

- different perspectives or approaches in supervision (special focus on Gestalt supervision)

- care for the caretaker 

- curiosity and being explorative as basic attitude 


Seminar 2 Parallel processes 

Part 1:

Trainers: Finnish colleagues

Date: March, 10th – 11th, 2021

Hours: 2 days of 7 hours (= 14 hours)

Part 2:

Trainer: Gianni Francesetti

Date: March, 13th – 14th, 2021 

Hours: 2 days of 7 hours (=14hours) 


- definition and possible forms of parallel processes

- how to handle and use the phenomenon of parallel processes during supervision

- occurring phenomena as information about the therapist - client situation 


Seminar 3 Hypervision 

Trainer : Lynda Osborne 

Date : May, 19th – 22nd, 2021

Hours : 4 days of 7 hours (= 28 hours) 


- definition: supervision on supervision 

- practical case work

- becoming a more effective supervisor


Seminar 4 Learning preferences, creativity and diversity in supervision 

Trainer : Marten Bos

Date : October, 6th – 9th, 2021

Hours : 4 days of 7 hours (= 28 hours) 


- using diversity of systems in supervision 

- learning styles according to Kolb and others 

- individual versus group supervision

- the use of different methods to support learning (drawings, sculpturing etc. during supervision


Seminar 5 Responsibility, guilt and shame 

Trainer: Jan Roubal

Date: March, 30th – April, 2nd, 2022 

Hours: 4 days of 7 hours (= 28 hours) 


- how to handle difficult situations like

         - supervision after a suicide of a client

         - supervision on other traumatic experiences

         - supervision on unethical practice 


Seminar 6 Integration 

Trainer: Finnish colleagues

Date: End of August 2022

Hours: 2 days of 7 hours (= 14 hours) 




Seminar 7 Hypervision and closure 

Trainer: Frans Meulmeester

Date: November, 9th – 12th, 2022 

Hours: 4 days of 7 hours (= 28 hours) 


-practical case work 

- closure 

Practical matters


The Training is built according to the EAGT requirements, but in order to apply for EAGT membership as supervisor, a person needs to have a minimal of five years clinical experience as gestalt therapist.


The training is also planned according to the requirements of the STO.ry ́s guideline for supervision. Participants can individually apply for this membership after completing the training.
In addition in order to reach the STO.ry’s requirements one needs to have 80 hours = 45min of supervision of groups or individuals, The Trainee as Supervisor

and 50 hours=45min of group or individual supervision with a qualified supervisor ( the list will be given later), The Trainee as Supervisee
Literature 2000 pages, (the list will be given later). A written work consist. of 10 pages.


For members of Suomen Hahmoterapia ry the price will be approximately € 2500 - € 2900, for non- members the price will be € 2750 - € 3250.
This is an estimation and it does not include the costs for the additional supervision hours.

The Training Program is in process, so we reserve the possibility to make changes

Application and information:

For information and free written application that consists your work experience and previous education, max. one page, please mail to: Frans Meulmeester on

Training staff:

Our training staff consists of a team of international well respected and highly appreciated trainers.

Frans Meulmeester, The Netherlands (Coordinator of the program)

Marten Bos, The Netherlands

Gianni Francesetti, Italy

Lynda Osborne, United Kingdom

Jan Roubal, Czech Republic