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Journey of  Gestalt Dreamwork: from Perls to the Relational Paradigm, Helsinki 18.5.2019 

Dreams and dreamwork are an integral part of Gestalt Therapy know-how. Fritz Perls has brought in several crucial concepts and methods. But since his fascinating workshops, other Gestalt thinkers, in particular Isadore From and his Italian followers, have suggested new insights. In this workshop, we will pass through the development of Gestalt dreamwork and experience different approaches through excercises.  

Martin Jára (1961), Czech psychologist, has been practising Gestalt therapy for 30 years. Today, he is focused on training and supervision. He has conducted dozens of workshops in the area of dreamwork for clients and professionals alike, and published several articles and a book. The latest article "Il sogno nella relazione e la relazione nel sogno" was published in Quaderni di Gestalt (2018/2). He is convinced a dream is like a poem: if  you analyse it, you can miss its magic.

Aika ja paikka:  18.5. klo 9:30 - 15:00 paikka varmistuu ilmoittautuneiden määrän mukaan
Hinta: 150 eur / 120 eur (alv 0% terapeutit / alv-velvolliset terapeutit)
Sitovat ilmoittautumiset pe 22.3. mennessä:  Tuula Ripatti