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HOW IS IT TO BE A MAN – therapy group

Why to join this therapy group?
Take some time off just for yourself. Stop for a while, breathe and take a deeper look into yourself as a man in the modern world.

What is this therapy group about?
This is a group that works on awareness using the methods of Gestalt therapy. By being aware of the different layers and roles we all have, helps us to see who the “authentic me” is. We will use exercises, sharing and methods of individual therapy.

What is special about this therapy group?              
You will experience a safe environment where you have the possibility to explore and share how it is to be a man right now. Group leaders will support and guide you through the weekends. Interaction and simple exercises will help you raise awareness in who you are and how you react in different situations. By being aware, you have the possibility to choose to change your way of interacting. During the group you have the possibility to look deeper in the issues that you might find challenging in your life or where you would like to see some improvement.

Who else will be there?            
You will meet other unique men in a small group. We are all interested in creating a new meaning of our current experiences and most of all to live a better life.


5.-6.1.2018 (fri-sat)

10.-11.2.2018 (sat-sun)

9.-10.3.2018 (fri-sat)

14.-15.4.2018 (sat-sun)


On fridays we would work 18.00-21.00,

on saturdays 10.00 - 17.00

and on sundays 10.00 - 15.00.

Place:              Helsinki  
Price:              440 €
To whom:        men over 21 years of age, group is in english

Francesco and Kenneth are leading the search for authenticity during the therapy group. Francesco has studied Gestalt for 4 years at Gestalt Institute of Scandinavia (GIS) and has a vast experience in HR management having worked in senior positions with Siemens and UniCredit Group for more than 15 years. Kenneth has worked as a Gestalt therapist for over a year and has a strong background in working with people through his career with Riihimäki parish, YMCA Helsinki, Kalliolan Nuoret ry. and Kamppi Chapel.

Sign up by contacting Kenneth:

Kenneth Koskinen, Gestalt therapist
+ 358 44 207 3786, keneth.koskinen(a)
speaks: finnish, swedish, english

Francesco Cappelli, 5th year student in Gestalt therapy
speaks: italian, english